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Our History

Grandpa Schorno is the Blonde in the middle.Walter "Grandpa" Schorno emigrated in 1927 from Steinen, Switzerland to Pleasanton, California and found employment milking cows by hand. In 1932 he took a job milking at the Oakwood Dairy in Fife, Washington where he learned about milk routes and how to process fluid milk while milking 20 cows by hand twice a day. In 1937 Grandpa bought a dairy farm near the current Nisqually Springs Farm location creating Schorno Dairy.

Throughout the 1940's and 50's Schorno Dairy became the largest dairy herd in Washington State with 520 registered Jersey cows. The Dairy supplied milk to Fort Lewis as well as many of the surrounding communities. Grandpa Schorno sold his Jersey herd in 1949 at the highest average price per head in the United States, of which 49 cows were classified excellent. He replaced them with Holstein cows to boost milk production. In 1952 Grandpa Schorno then sold the dairy routes to Ft. Lewis Dairy for health reasons and retired from the dairy business.

Retirement did not last long. In 1964 Grandpa Schorno decided to leave retirement and buy the current location of Nisqually Springs Farm on the Nisqually River. He saw great potential in the sandy loam soil and abundant artesian spring water flowing on this 253 acre farm. In 2014 the next generation purchased 210 acres of the farm land.